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Senses Seafood Grill Restaurant/菋道海鲜餐厅
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Chef Alex at Senses Seafood Grill Restaurant at InterContinental Hangzhou draws inspiration from Baroque art in the 17th century, he integrates its strong and luxurious features into the cuisine, and creates a set of passionate and romantic baroque style menu.

Mediterranean Appetizer Platter (地中海风情开胃拼盘) is a big appetizer that mixed with Iberian 5J ham, Camembert Cheese, and Italian salami.

If meat is not your thing, then give the seafood a try, come on, who doesn’t like seafood? The soup of Provence Seafood Platter (普罗旺斯海鲜精选分享盘) made from the fresh fish stock, Chef Alex added tomatoes, onions, fresh herbs, and later on Boston lobster, shrimp, baby octopus, scallop, clam. The amazing taste of seafood and the sauce keep teasing your taste buds.

Crab Salad Roll with Salmon Roe (翡翠蟹肉卷沙拉配法罗群岛三文鱼籽) requires quite some work. The culinary team needs to manually take out the crab meat from the leg, then wrap them with cabbage leaves and top up with salmon roe. Take a bite to release all the flavor in your mouth.

Lobster Soup with Bread Basket (海螯虾汤佐蒜蓉面包). The lobster soup has been cooked for hours with fish stock till it’s really thick, dip your bread in it, it’s so yummy.

Foie Gras with Butter Bread and Vanilla Cream (鹅肝酱佐黄油面包片及香草酸奶油). Once you put it into your mouth, it melts, the taste is so delicates.

Senses Seafood Grill Restaurant is located on the 5th floor of InterContinental Hangzhou, mainly focused on Boston lobster, mussel, king crab, scallop, snapper, as well as Australian T-bone steak and top grade lamb ridge.

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5/F, InterContinental Hangzhou, 2 East Jiefang Road

0571 8981 0000 – 10326

Opening Hours:


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