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Shares Bar has been a murmur of rumors since the concept was first announced earlier this year; sell 100 shares a 5000RMB a pop and patrons can buy in to be part owners. A potential recipe for disaster with so many cooks in the kitchen? Well, a few months into the endeavor and it seems that the various voices have found their harmony, the bar has found its feet and the place regularly pulls in a good crowd of 50/50 split Chinese and Foreigners.

Located a brisk walk from the Jiangling Road metro station in Binjiang, the bar is next to the Harley Davidson dealership and is easily found by following the sound of music escaping from the wood lined space. Since the opening party, it’s probably been the prospect of regular live music that has kept pulling in the punters.

Shares is open plan with a bar curling about the back wall and high table seating and lower soft seating directed towards the stage. You are never more than bar glass throwing distance from said stage making the place raw and live; the perfect place for those seeking fame to peddle their wares.

To date the place has seen local-based bands with rock, Chinese and even Spanish belting out when we last visited. The bar is looking to build on this foundation and become a must do venue for international acts doing the warm up circuit on the way to Shanghai. Expect more well-known bands and comedians to come in the very near future.

Keeping the punters rowdy and ready to roll is on tap Tiger at 30RMB a pint, whilst bottled beers ranging from Tsingtao (20RMB/ea) to Corona (30RMB/ea) come with a 6 for 5 deal. Expect to pay about the 350RMB mark for a standard bottle of Vodka/Whisky whilst singles go for 30 to 40RMB.

With daily events including Monday’s Jam Night (1 free beer for participants), Ladies Night Thursday (1/2 price Ladies) and free drinks when the bar bell is rung on Saturdays, there are further drink deals throughout the week to make sure no matter what day you go, the place is full and buzzing with happy customers. Full English menu and service.

2014-03-13 18:08:56
Might be good for the locals in the area (or shareholders) but certainly not worth the time making a trip south across the river to visit this place!
2014-01-28 15:15:11
I like there Whiskey collection, and the price is good.Cool they also will open during chinese New Year,
2014-01-11 20:05:28
I love this place, reasonable price
2014-01-08 15:47:33
Really great bar! Even if Binjiang is a little far, it is always worth to go there. Great events and fantastic partys mixed with reasonable priced drinks (they even have a good Gluehwein there!) is the perfect place to meet and make friends. See you at Shares Bar!
2013-12-27 16:21:16
Nice bar! awesome parties! parking area downstairs and good restaurants new opened around. Nice place!
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Room 203, 2/F, Gemini Mansion, 1785 Jianghan Road, Binjiang

186 5715 7919

Opening Hours:
5pm - 1:30am (Mon.-Fri.); 5pm - 3:30am (Sat.-Sun.)

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