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Show Lounge/秀
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Bar needs a soul, and the soul doesn’t have to be a star bartender, could be the concept, style, service, music and more... Show Lounge isn’t a ordinary cocktail lounge, whiskey bar, what they trying to bring or show to their guests is they are not only serve drinks, but also provide tales and joy of drinking, they care about inside the drink, flavor, balance, and most importantly a fun time experience.

From April 16th, Show Lounge will officially be open to mix your favourite drink. Show Lounge bar shelves are two stories high. They did not waste any time with stocking whiskey and liquor from all over the world. The space is well designed for small and large groups to enjoy one of Show Lounge’s elegant cocktails. The layout let’s you sit back for a completely decadent experience.

The low lighting and chill music makes it a romantic and posh experience. It’s a chill bar which is perfect to relax with a well-made drink. Just behind the low seated bar, the Show Lounge bar staff is a friendly crew with great service, making Show Lounge fantastic watering holes to unwind.

Meet Eddy, who is one of the most exciting and knowledgably bartenders in China. Eddy has 18 years of experience with mixing cocktails. He spent six years in London, England learning from some of the best mixers in the industry. In 2010, he returned to China, and worked for a drink magazine in Shanghai. Eventually became a business manager, then opened his own bar in Shanghai, called the Tailor Bar.

Since then, he has been on a roll in the cocktail circle. Eddy is a well-known figure amongst cocktail bar owners and mixologists. He has travelled all around Asia as a special guest bartender. He has conducted seminars on how to mix drinks. Eddy has been a judge for numerous bartending competitions and is even a consultant. 

Eddy has proven that he is one of the best when comes to shaking and stirring. Eddy personality is so contagious. His Charisma and energy behind the bar won’t go unnoticed.  Eddy’s storytelling and how he explains cocktails is an experience in itself. He can teach you a lot of about cocktails. Every one of his unique cocktails has a story, so when you order one, ask Eddy what the story is behind each masterpiece.

The first specialty drink we had was called Sleepless in St. Petersburg, made with an Italian liquor (amaro), vodka, vanilla syrup, and a coffee bean. I felt like I was drinking a cold chocolate cake smoothie for desert. It came in a tall copper cup, with great presentation. The entire copper cup was chilled by the drink’s contents. It had foamy head, like one of the drinks you would get at a coffee shop. The drink was feast for the eyes as well taste buds.

Eddy’s next masterpiece was a something I’ve never tasted before, a drink with three flavours in one. I am a fan of mojito drinks, but Eddy impressed me on this one, if you like beer and mojito then try his Bojito. A mix of a classic mojito and beer. Instead of using soda water like you normally would for a mojito, he used a goose island beer.

The beer gives more carbonation, which makes more refreshing and flavourful, and more booze which I’m not one to complain about. The bottom layer is mojito, the top layer is beer, and when you stir mix them, you have an enhanced mojito. This was so fascinating to try because of its hoppy refreshment. A top choice for a summer drink.

One of Eddy’s magical drinks was his Mizuwari, this is a better version of whiskey high ball. Basically, for this drink you stir ‘til you die. Put some cubed ice in a high glass, then add some whiskey, then stir, until the entire glass is cooled and has a thin layer of ice, and it feels like your arm wants to fall off. Every sip has a chilled whiskey flavour to it. Most bartenders just add ice, then whiskey and soda and stir, but with more time spent on the stir you can notice the difference. A solid option for a summer drink.

While interacting with Eddy, he taught me to drink some of the classic drinks with no ice, because the ice dilutes the alcohol and ruins the flavour. Since he told, my drinks don’t have ice anymore.

A lot of the classic cocktails couldn’t have ice. Once countries began to adapt to being able to make ice, then ice was started to be used in more class cocktails.

Eddy gave me a Negroni with no ice, I instantly understood what he meant when he said the ice takes some of the flavour away. Go to Show Lounge and order one of the classic cocktails without any ice.

Show Lounge is at the corner of Wen'er Road and Wantang Road, in the basement of a brand-new hotel. You a take line 2 and get of at Gucui Station and go out exit C and walk East for a block and you will be at Show Lounge. Parking is available in the parking lot of the hotel. 

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B1/F, Show Hotel, 381 Wen'er Road

199 5717 9996

Opening Hours:
6pm - 2am

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