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So Good/好吉
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So Good have been making sandwiches and salads for some time now, using the phone app platform to deliver their food around the city. Now, they have decided to open a small, yet tasteful, walk-in premises in which to enjoy some of their healthy alternatives.

The seating is limited, and if you come during peak times you may be out of luck. However, fear not, as most of the food is perfect for taking away. So, in the event that seating is unavailable, order your stuff ‘to go’ and head for a nearby park.

The bulk of the menu is filled with salads and sandwiches – both with decent vegetarian options available – plus toast and a good selection of yoghurt. This means something suitable can be found whether its breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner you’re in need of.

The bread they use here is great, far from sweet, and between it is a generous amount of salad, cucumber, tomato, egg and your chosen filling. The Tuna Sandwich (22RMB) could’ve done with a little more tuna, but the Avocado Sandwich (25RMB) was more generously packed. Although here you are not able to design your own, ingredients can be removed if you have special requirements.

Ordering a salad, however, requires a little more creativity. When ordering, you will need to choose first which type of salad leaves you prefer, then which dressing and staple you would like, both served on the side so you can add as you see fit. We chose the pasta with our So Good Chicken Salad (28RMB) and mixed it in alongside chicken breast, egg and plenty of greenery to create something hearty and filled with plenty of nutrition. 

If you are looking for something less substantial, we tried their Acai Yoghurt (28RMB), a modest-sized bowl of their homemade yoghurt covered with an assortment of dried fruits and nuts that would be a great way to start your day. For drinks, they have self-serve lemon water, Infused waters (15RMB) and Green Smoothies (20RMB). The ‘Red’ we tried was comprised of dragon fruit and cucumber, very refreshing, although surprisingly served at room temperature. Take a couple home and throw them in your fridge for later.

Street parking limited, smoking not permitted. English menus.

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Room 105, 1/F, Building 2, 218 Wen'er Road

187 5802 1630

Opening Hours:
9:30am - 8pm

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