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Splash Poolside Café/池畔咖啡
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Not so long ago, we reviewed a place way out on the west side that had some of the best curry in Hangzhou. Its name was Garage Cafe, and it was quickly becoming something of a cult hit with everyone who enjoyed the laid-back funky atmosphere, and the company of the cafe's slightly eccentric and highly affable owner, Andy. Unfortunately, the Garage is no more, because, apparently, we don’t deserve anything good. However, for those of you in Binjiang (who couldn't make the trip all the way out to the wild west) it’s been reincarnated into something that must be seen to be believed. Nestled in an area occupied by the Four Points Hotel, and what seems to be Hangzhou’s only McDonald's with a drive-through window, there is a place called Splash Poolside Cafe, and it's sure to make a huge splash with the lucky residents on the other side of the river. We made the journey, and found ourselves surrounded by a similar vibe that Garage had minus the cramped quarters. The big blue door is still out front, and the music Andy plays is like a nostalgic trip through 1980's Americana. As the food arrived, we noticed that the beer selection was also expanded to include some high-grade brews like Erdinger and Paulaner, as well as usual favorites, with the highest price being 25RMB. There's also a full line of sodas and juices for 8RMB as well, and the familiar sight of the original menu gave us reassurance that his amazing curry hasn't yet disappeared from Hangzhou's food scene. We had the outstanding Indian curry, and the Thai green curry, both with chicken. Along with these dishes we also managed to finish off heaping platefuls of sambosa, roti, Thai fried rice, and even a very well-constructed burrito with tender beef inside. Generous portions are priced reasonably at about 20-30RMB for entrees. There’s plenty of parking inside the gated lot, and there's even a swimming pool right in front of the restaurant for those who need to work off the extra calories.

Very Bad Restaurant
2015-09-08 09:32:39
Not sure if this restaurant still exists. Visited it a couple of times in 2012 because there wasn't any western restaurant around Binjiang. The good thing is that they served imported German beer. Not cheap though. The food was crap. Really bad food. Once I waited for an hour to get my food on the table. Andy and all the waitress were nice and friendly. The last time I went there was just for the beers and catch up with friends in Binjiang. I guess this restaurant doesn't exist anymore now ???
never visit splash
2012-06-07 22:57:09
third class food, no indian taste, all stuff r ready to eat,of mtr mix, nothing is in fresh sauce,all stuff is packed, i tryed mushroom masala.
2010-11-03 23:10:00
Amazing delicious varieties of food at very reasonable price. You can enjoy Italian Pizza and Thai, western OR Indian Food..... Easy to approach for those who live in binjinag. Great preparation and warm welcoming treatment.
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B1, Shimao Center, junction of Wentao Road and Xincheng Road

153 9713 6995

Opening Hours:
11:30am - 2pm, 5:30pm - 9:30pm
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