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If you are interested in watching Satellite TV, and want the best service you expected, just contact Stephen. 

I am the professional person for installing, no paper advertisement! No middle commission! Communicate in English directly! Offer both the legitimate and pirated version card for you! Price is very reasonable! And especially I have good impression in the old customers! 

Stepen is Good
2010-11-03 23:09:46
1: Satellite Tv is illeague in china 2: You got the cheap price with pirate system So who can grantee you the the system is allways good? But Stepen always be ready to solve the problems. If you want eveything good. Pay 10,000 rmb more,submit your paparwork to china safty beaurl,wait for a few months and then to get a similer one,then you will satisfied...
Reply to james 007 and Ella
2010-10-05 23:12:16
As I told them before, the copy smart card of the sat tv, we could not guarantee the time. Because they could not afford to buy the official one, even though the cheap cost of the new copy card, they call me: "not trusetd". Everybody know their meaning : I want the cheapest and cheapest sat tv, and it works forever... You can do it? It happened one year before, and now as time passed by, old customers know me , i am a cheater or not.
Satellite TV, good for how long
2008-10-09 22:06:40
I have the satellite TV installed in my house. Yes the first time was done ok, but now after 4 months the cards dont work. Also, there seems to be "un-specified" charges that come up now when there is a problem. First time was the "good for a year" speech and now its changed to "well , some cards are good and others not, thats not my problem speech?",,,,,,think about it.
Just make sure what you hear is what you get
2008-10-09 22:06:26
Im not sure that stephen knows what "1 year" means, , He said one year TV one fee and now it seems like "sometimes" the cards dont work so "it our responsibility" to buy new ones. .. . . you be the judge
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