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This is one of those places where you say, “Why can’t my home be like this?” First of all, the guy who runs it used to own a print shop in the same location, and for years, we’d go there thinking why can’t the guy tidy the place up a bit. Apparently he had the same idea because this little gem of a coffee shop has everything done just right – down to the smallest detail. No trips to IKEA were made when constructing this masterpiece. Everything was made custom, even the front doormat. This is the kind of place where you just want to hang out and chill. It’s a photographer’s dream with yellow walls, a dark ceiling, and the lighting is simply perfect.

The music is on special occasions played from Xiao Jin’s (the owner) huge personal record collection of Reggae music, hence the Jamaican design theme. There’re not many things better in life than listening to a record being played through a tube amp. For me, it’s like going into a time capsule and being teleported back to the early eighties. At the Stop Café, they’ve got a very small but well selected menu with coffees ranging from 20-50RMB, a few beers from 30-40RMB, a small number of mixed drinks (35RMB), and a few items in the fridge to snack on. We got a sandwich (35RMB) when we were there, and it was as fresh as could be.

The place is tiny, with only room for twenty people tightly squeezing in there, but that doesn’t mean that it is small on character. Daytime parking here can be problematic, but who wants to be in a car these days anyway? Smoking is permitted on the front steps. Join their WeChat to get news on what’s happening: Stop Café 13588750395.

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570-1 Tiyuchang Road

186 6704 4440

Opening Hours:
10am - 1am

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