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Tempus Fugit /拾年主题庭院餐厅
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It's an odd-sounding name, and it will undoubtedly get some chuckles from the more easily-amused amongst us, but it's actually Latin for time flies, and that's exactly what will happen to the curious food-seeker who dolefully wanders into this mountain village hideaway. Luckily, once you find this place, you'll also find yourself outside the suffocating grasp of the city. You're seated on an outdoor, wood-plank, terrace blessedly devoid of car exhaust, dust, and industrial spew. You're surrounded by awe-inspiring tea fields that'll make you want to quit your day job, and start working the land. On the food end, however, things were less inspiring. The restaurant's signature curried shrimp dish was lacking and lifeless. This was followed by a saucy, slightly sweet, and nearly meatless plate of clumsily chopped pork ribs. This was accompanied by Crispy in Crispy vegetables, and the grand finale, chicken soup with mini dumplings. We should point out that you'll need to wait about 30 minutes for this entree, since the chicken must slowly simmer to adequately release its flavor, and that's too long to wait for a dish that really doesn't synch up with summer. We also suspect the dumplings were store-bought, which is kind of a bummer. The meal came out to about 221RMB for three which didn't feel like a value in light of what we had endured to reach the end of the meal. Carlsberg comes in the small, 325ml, bottles and runs 15RMB per. Time certainly does fly in a place where woodland creatures are pushed out of their natural habitat to make way for your overpriced pleasures. Too bad those critters aren't tossed in with the rest of your order, although that might justify the meal's price tag. On second thought, maybe you should just say, fug-it, and try a picnic by the lake instead. The 3 of us had: Chicken Soup with Mini Dumplings 新派百鸟朝凤 68RMB; Crispy in Crispy (Celery Fried with Bean Sprouts) 脆中脆 28RMB; Braised Pork Ribs with Deep Fried Glutinous Rice Ball 迷粽子排 32RMB; Dark Plum Flavour Curried Shrimp 酸梅咖喱虾 48RMB; Dark Plum Juice 酸梅汁 30RMB/pitcher; Carlsberg 嘉士伯 15RMB/bottle; Our bill: 221RMB.

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215 Tianzhu Road

0571 8799 0001

Opening Hours:
9am - 10pm

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