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The people behind the no-menu restaurant Mamala have opened a new venue also located in Loft 49 near Dengyun Road and Moganshan Road. The owners named their new restaurant The Fat Duck, as an intentional nod to the acclaimed The Fat Duck in England, with the desire to create a fine dining experience for Hangzhou. The décor is trendy industrial, with brick walls, hanging lights and high ceilings. Ornate leather chairs and candelabras add a touch of elegance. Original works of art from Loft 49 artists also adorn the walls. The artistic influence is further evident in the food plating, as each dish is beautifully presented with structural height and painterly strokes of colourful sauces. Classic Caesar Salad (48RMB) had a creamy, garlicky dressing, thick cut bacon bits and crisp romaine lettuce. It was one of the best Caesar salads we’ve had recently. With a name like The Fat Duck, we had to try at least one duck dish. The Duck Breast Salad with Grilled Onions and Potatoes (48RMB) had tender pieces of duck with nicely rendered fat. The Fruit Flavors Gazpacho (28RMB) did not quite work out, being strangely sour, sweet and watery. The Apple Mayonnaise Baked Cod (158RMB) was a gorgeous chunk of cod paired with a mango papaya salsa. The sweet mango and papaya accented with red onion, cilantro and chilli elevated this dish to a masterpiece, creatively complementing the silky, buttery cod. A visual, textural and taste sensation. The owner was eager for us to try the Roast Lamb with French Mustard Sauce (78RMB) as they had just reworked the recipe. The lamb was succulent and beautifully cooked, however we did find the gamey taste of the lamb too strong. Service was pleasant, courteous and attentive. Drinks available were coffee, tea, fresh juices, soft drink and beer, prices ranging from 18-48RMB. Parking and WiFi available.

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No. 3, Loft 49, 49 Tongyi Road
通益路49号Loft 49内3号仓

0571 8831 8090, 134 5675 3555

Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm

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