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The Lalu Nanjing/南京涵碧楼酒店
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If there is a name that can stir your emotions, it is The Lalu (涵碧楼), even if each word in the name costs a hundred million dollars. In 1901, Mr. Ito built a small wooden cabin on the Lalu Peninsula for vacation use at Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan and called it “The Lalu". For hundreds of years, with strict entrance control, only senior governmental official, generals, prime ministers, and emperors are allowed into The Lalu. Therefore, a myth is created to this building. However, how did The Lalu come about? 

In 1949, when the Chinese Nationalist Government retreated to Taiwan, The Lalu became President Chiang Kai-Shek’s hostel, used primarily for vacation use and to entertain foreign head of states.

The new Lalu Hotel in Nanjing, modelled on one of Chiang Kai-shek’s favorite hotels, Taiwan’s Lalu Sun Moon Lake Hotel, aims to become a landmark in the booming Yangtze River Delta region and chose carefully for its opening. It is the second Lalu hotel in mainland China, the first was in Qingdao. 

The Lalu has two restaurants: Soalian Restaurant and Ho Jia 9. Soalian is a Chinese restaurant that features Huaiyang cuisine but also heritages the essence of Taiwanese cuisine, adheres to the charm of Sun Moon Lake, and a clay duck is the most admired in the Republic of China. Family Chiang’s private banquet menu is the highlight of the restaurant. From Braised Codfish with Bean Curd to Cixi's favorite Beijing Palace Silver Roll, from Braised Bullfrog Legs to Urn-Roasted Chicken, the talented culinary team uses unique techniques to allow diners to experience the fascination of Soalian. The small ribs of the village and the small tomatoes of the plum are the secrets of the Chiang Mai. The seven themed private rooms meet the needs of independent space during private gatherings

Ho Jia 9 is an All-Day-Dining restaurant. A blend of Chinese and Western buffet, such as international delicacies, from traditional delicacies to modern dishes, to Taiwanese snacks and tempting desserts, enjoy the visual and taste buds, a quiet and comfortable dining environment, and a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. We can't help but praise "Ho Jia" (Taiwanese slang for yummy)!

And make sure you don’t miss their “Little Bee” afternoon tea in the morning glory field, light up the candle and enjoy the last light of sunset in the fragrance of flowers. The “Little Bee” afternoon tea set is well mixed with the savory and the sweet, Cream Cheese with Smoked Salmon Sandwich, Scone with Lemon Honey and Cream are great choices. It requires one day in advance to book. 

When you come back to the lobby, if you observed carefully, the grand chandelier in the Main Lobby transforms itself into the misty bamboo forests surrounding Nanjing, and the pattern of the Tea Bar carpet becomes that of a yuhua stone found around the Yangtze River. The design of each space holds within itself a subtle memento of the place upon which it is built, and it is up to the visitors’ attentive eye to discover it. And the Celadon Ou Music which has been played in the lobby is something rare to see, “Ou Music” short for Yue kiln Celadon porcelain music is also known as “water bowl” music. It represents a form of artistic expression and performance skill with the “Yue Kiln Ou bowl” as the main musical instrument, and is played by musical instruments and utensils made from ceramic clay. If you are interested, they will let you to give it a try.

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208 Yangtzijiang Avenue, Jianye District, Nanjing

025 6888 9888

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