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The Mystic Mogan Hotel/天籁之梦酒店
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Imagine waking up and looking through your side window enjoying the great panoramic view on top of the mountain. Afterwards, having breakfast and going for a power walk or a bicycle ride with the nice atmosphere. Just knowing that back home a full water bathtub with scenic view awaits you. Meanwhile our professional chefs prepare regional Chinese dishes. Later on have a cup of tea or coffee on any of their balconies. But not just yet, their great BBQ awaits you with some of the most traditional and delicious food ever. If not feeling tired even you can cook if desired. Enjoy as well their DVD collection at night with their French/Italian wines. They know nature and luxury were meant to be together and we deliver. Come and see for yourself! All of their rooms have wooden balconies while the most incredible ones are located in the Premium Rooms, which also have large bathtubs near the glass window, which enable you to enjoy a fabulous mountain view! They offer different eating and afternoon tea places, in the dining room with a classic table, in the dining hall with traditional Chinese round table, at the outdoor BBQ place or even on the amazing balcony of your rooms. Their rates include breakfast and free flow of soft drinks. They have bicycles for free rental, free Wi-Fi, board games and more. Mystic Mogan is located inside Mogan Mountains Scenic Area in house number 215 and is 5 minutes drive from the great walking trail. Located around 20 km from the hotel there is a good place for excellent massage and Hot Spring Thermal Baths. If you like to walk a bit in the mountains, you can pay a visit to a scenic tea plantation on the mountain top. Their Villa is located on mountain top and really offers a nice view that's worth the stay we guarantee. They are a new villa so you will find everything really new. SUMMER 2012 RATES MAY TO AUGUST Weekend Rates: 3 Rooms (Entire Villa, max 6 guests): RMB5500+; 4 Rooms (Entire Villa, max 8 guests): RMB6800+; 5 Rooms (Entire Villa, max 10 guests): RMB7600+; 6 Rooms (Entire Villa, 12 guests): RMB9600+; Weekday Rates: 2 Rooms (Entire Villa, max 4 guests): RMB3500+; 3 Rooms (Entire Villa, max 6 guests): RMB4800+; 4 Rooms (Entire Villa, max 8 guests): RMB5600+ ; 5 Rooms (Entire Villa, max 10 guests): RMB6200+; 6 Rooms (Entire Villa, 12 guests): RMB8000+.

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Villa 215 C, Mogan Mountain Scenic Area, Deqing, Huzhou
湖州市德清县莫干山风景区215号别墅C (皇后小7号)

136 516 573 70

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