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Travel Houselet in Huizhou/大旅小舍
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Huizhou (徽州) is the old name for the region of southeastern Anhui (a portmanteau of Anqing and Huizhou) and northern Jiangxi. Within 40 minutes driving away from the famous Yellow Mountain, Huizhou has some well-preserved villages from the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368 – 1911). It developed into a mercantile powerhouse in the 13th century, and with that developed a unique culture.

With the beautiful nature and significant architecture, a lot of guesthouses opened here in the past couple of years. Apart from those big names such as Banyan Tree, Crown Plaza and Imperial Guard, there are quite a few independent guesthouses that stand out with their own character. Travel Houselet is one of them.

Travel Houselet is nestled in Xixi’nan Village, which is an ancient village of Huizhou with 1,200 years of history. After the chaos of war, only approximately 10 Ming Dynasty buildings and 100 Qing Dynasty houses are still completely preserved in this village till today. Xixi’nan Village has an elegant and quiet environment. Many painters and writers came here to make their creations. Some of them stayed, bought the old houses and renovated it. The transportation is very convenient, only 4 kilometers away from Huangshan North Railway Station.

Travel Houselet covers 2,500 square meters. It has an outdoor swimming pool, bathing pool, garden, bar, Café and restaurant. The restaurant serves authentic Huizhou dishes paired with imported wine. Every once a while, they will bring out their signature roasted whole lamb.

Rooms, bedding and toiletries are all five star hotel’s standard, allowing you to have sweet dreams in the wilderness of the mountains.

Nearby Attractions:

Designed around the bāguà, the eight trigrams of the I-Ching, which match up with the eight surrounding hills, Chengkan is a highly photogenic village that hasn't yet been completely restored, with arched bridges over waterways cloaked with lilies. Buildings are in various states of repair and visitors are far fewer than at villages more firmly on the tourist map. An S-shaped stream snakes through the middle, carving the symbol for yin and yang deep through the heart of the village. Compared to Xidi or Hongcun, Chengkan remains comparatively underdeveloped and is not as well known, but this is a pristine village with an idyllic atmosphere. When you walk into the village, it's a bit like stepping into a maze, with its three main streets and 99 lanes criss-crossing the settlement. Chengkan is 12 kilometers away from Travel Houselet, about 15 minutes driving.

Fengyanglin Wetland Park

This xanadu is walking distance from the guesthouse. Along the river, there are thick and dense forests, green and lush, and there are large maple forests growing along the river bank. This is Fengyanglin, a spot as picturesque as its name. The village hidden behind this thick green forest is quiet and peaceful. During the four kilometers long walk, it seems as if you have inadvertently entered a fairytale world.

Huangshan Scenic Area is 33 kilometers away, about 30 minutes driving.

Xin’an River is 40 kilometers away, about 40 minutes driving.

Tangyue Archways is 10 kilometers away, about 10 minutes driving.

Hongcun is 50 kilometers away, about 50 minutes driving.

Xiti is 50 kilometers away, about 50 minutes driving.

Price: 680-1980RMB/night
To get there: Take the high speed train from Hangzhou East to Huangshan North

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Xixi'nan, Huizhou, Anhui

157 5599 9699, 132 6808 1627

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