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Valentino Italian Restaurant/华伦天奴意大利餐厅
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We've heard a mixture of responses coming from people visiting Va Bene of late and have to admit we kind of agree. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not. So, is it really worth the gamble? Sure, the d-cor is kinda cool, and you can sit out on the balcony, but wouldn't it be better to spend your hard-earned cash on a sure thing? We've told you about Peppino ad nauseam, but there are several other sure bets when it comes to Italian. Bernini's one (gets thumbs up from Italians). We even hear that things are about to get a whole lot better now that a couple of boys from the boot have taken over. It's closed but should be reopened in a month or two. Valentino's another good place to hit when you are in search of good pizza and pasta. Yes, it's in a hotel, but then again so is Peppino. However, what Valentino has that Peppino lacks is a fan-fucking-tastic view. Twenty-six floors up, looking down on the sprawl of Hangzhou sits Valentino. Great, big picture windows wrap around the restaurant to give you views southwesterly of the lake a couple of kilometers away or north towards the Grand Canal. There aren't any on the south or the east as the restaurant doesn't take up the whole floor. Valentino, like most of the Landison's dining establishments, is quaint and relaxed, and this atmosphere really lends itself to an extended dining experience. We spent a few hours there. Our meal began with the Grilled Goose Liver (90RMB) and Caesar Salad (56RMB). Both were excellent. Keeping it simple for the main, we opted for the Four Cheese Pizza (86RMB) and Lasagna (80RMB). Actually, as we glanced around, there were a whole lot of people partaking in the pizza. They are damned good and authentic with thin crust unevenly bubbled up. The menu isn't huge, but there is a nice selection of risottos, pastas and steaks. The wine list is long and affordable, and you can buy by the glass, meaning you can try out a few. They're a little skimpy on the desserts though. Finish off your meal with an espresso and a grappa, and it's all just perfect. Now, you can get out of there for less than three hundred for two, but if you're wanting to do it up right, look to spend five or six. English menu available. 

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26/F, Landison Plaza Hotel Hangzhou, 333 Tiyuchang Road.

0571 8515 8888-64602

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