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Wade's Bar & Grill, Wulin Branch/味德餐厅酒吧武林店
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Wade’s Bar & Grill is the second restaurant from Wade, following his long time running Vineyard. With a location at Wulin Shoe City, steps from Fengqi Road metro station, Wade’s is more centrally positioned and is easier for more people to reach.

The menu is much the same as the menu from Vineyard with some tweaks. Wade’s was particularly exuberant about their newly improved Caesar Salad (45RMB). They use 18 month old parmesan cheese and a house made dressing. It was as good as any Caesar salad back home. The Spaghetti Sausage (65RMB) was hearty with a little bit of heat. The Chicken Quesadilla (60RMB) was well filled and served with sour cream and a fresh salsa spiked with cilantro. The Nachos (65RMB) made a great bar snack with ground beef, beans, jalapenos, tomatoes and cheese sauce. Their fries are also really good - salty, crispy, golden fried and fluffy inside.

There’s a new focus on cocktails, helmed by Taiwanese bartender Kenny. He mixes classy cocktails with spirits infused with herbs, fruit and even Longjing tea leaves. As any good bartender, he knows his craft. He moves with swift, concentrated movements and is a pleasure to watch. Try Purple Dream (75RMB), a salt rimmed, sweet and sour tasting cocktail made with black plum infused vodka. It’s a cocktail with Chinese characteristics.

One of the best things I can say about this place is that it doesn’t feel like you’re in China. Wade’s did a great job recreating a sports bar feel. There’s lots of big TV screens showing live European football games, snooker on CCTV sports and even American TV programs like Masterchef and America’s Next Top Model. There’s a pool table and darts board. The music isn’t too loud and it’s a good line-up of 80s and 90s classics. There are several English speaking foreign waiters working here too.

The main dining area is non-smoking while smoking customers can still eat at the bar area with high tables and chairs. The ventilation is super powerful and the smoking area didn’t feel smoky at all.

Quiz nights will be here on Wednesday nights. For now, Wade’s is open from at 5pm-midnight, but starting Nov. 23 it will be open for lunch also.

Note: Entrance to Wade’s is an elevator on street level that goes straight up to the third floor.

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3/F, Hangzhou Xiecheng, 163 Wulin Road

0571 8701 1778

Opening Hours:
11am - 1am (weekdays), 11am - 2am (weekends)

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