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Xiao Qing Spa/小青水疗
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The west side of the West Lake is famous for its unique beauty, we call it the “wild west”, covered by tree shadows and lotus in summer time and fragranced by osmanthus tree in autumn. Most of tourists would go to Hubin road to see the fountain or Broken Bridge when they visit Hangzhou, so the “wild west” is truly a hidden gem.

Picturing having a spa in some old villa suited by the ponds and trees, breath in the sweet air mixed with osmanthus, how relaxing! That is Xiao Qing Spa! Hidden in a forest glade, it is at the heart of nature, Zixuan Resort has seven villas, that’s why the resort is called Seven Villas, and Xiao Qing Spa is in one of the villas. The wooden beams that give the building seasoned look with touches of Chinese Ming Dynasty to enhance the deco. The contemporary feel and design uses only natural in Hangzhou resources, the spa building hidden forest exterior walls. Their director of Spa, a beautiful girl from Vietnam - Lisa Lam who has 13 years experience in the SPA industry welcomed us with her very warm smile and led us to our Swedish massage that starts with milk rose bath. The room was big bright and decorated in Japanese style, a small courtyard that sits right behind the big bathtub, we got truly relaxed in the tub. The massage has combined the purity of the streams, the power of fresh fruits and flowers, and the ancient traditions of Chinese medicine to infuse the aroma therapeutic treatments with the healing properties of nature. The skillful masseuses come from naked Stables, they are all qualified therapists in Tradition Chinese massage, facial and body treatments with international certificate. 

The full range of treatments available range from foot massages and Thai massage, to full body aromatherapy massage, 4 hands massage, facial, pre- natal program, Detox program the kind in China with its therapeutic oils I Plus Q from Thailand, Aromatherapy Associates. For 880RMB you can enjoy: Ruby body scrubs, Swedish massage, for total 90 minutes. Before end of November, they are offering 30% off for spa treatment from 10am to 5pm (excluding spa ritual complimentary herb steam).

2017-10-13 18:04:23
very excellent. Good quality and I appreciate
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2017-09-29 15:38:00
This page gives you a lot of information. Thank you!
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Seven Villas, 1 Bapanling Road

0571 8796 6548

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