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Xiexie Coffee & Tea/谢谢咖啡
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Xie Xie Café on Nanshan Road is a bright, airy place with three floors including a large rooftop terrace. There’s lots of space for customers to hang out and chill for a while. The menu is simply laid out, one page for drinks and one page for food. It serves salads, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas and fried rice. For the drinks, there’s coffee, tea, iced frappuccinos, bottled water and fresh fruit juices.

;We tried an espresso, a Hazelnut Latte (33RMB medium, 37RMB large), an Orange Carrot Honey Juice and a Xie Xie Juice (37RMB all juices). The hazelnut latte and fresh juices were nice.

The Avocado Shrimp Salad (57RMB) had large tasty shrimps grilled in a spicy sauce, ripe avocados, asparagus spears, hard-boiled egg and ranch dressing. The shrimps were fresh and cooked just right.

We selected two pastas, Meat Sauce Pasta with German Sausage (47RMB) and Bacon, Mushroom, Spinach and Cheese Fusilli (47RMB). The creamy Fusilli was the better option. We did also have a pizza, but we wouldn’t recommend ordering pizza here.

The Fried Rice with Secret Hot Pepper Sauce (47RMB) can be ordered with chicken, seafood or beef. We tried the seafood version and it turned out to be our favourite dish of the visit. The spicy sauce made the fried rice quite appetizing.

So in summary, Xie Xie Café would be good if you are around the south side of the West Lake and want to take a break with a coffee, fresh juice, salad or spicy fried rice. The price for the coffees and fresh juices are reasonable, especially with the large amount they give. The rooftop patio is great for sitting outdoors; there’re some sunny spots and also some shady spots, so you can have your pick.

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Guanghui Road

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