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Yimian Shancheng/ 一面山城
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If you’ve ever been to Chongqing, then you surely know that they cannot eat even one meal without chili. In the morning, you’ll see everyone – be they sexy street girls or suited businesspeople – all sitting roadside enjoying their bowls of RED noodles, without any regard to the way they look. They’re eating Chongqing xiaomian, which can easily be found around every complex. These places sell bowls of the spicy stuff at only 5-8RMB – each bowl contains more than twenty spices. From last year, Chongqing xiaomian began to blow up in Hangzhou. The owners are all from Chongqing. Xiaomian literarily means small noodle. It’s a type of noodles in a bone soup. You can ask the restaurant to make it without soup, or make the noodles a bit chewier, or add more vegetables or chili. It’s the food that Chongqing people love the most, so if you like burning your tongue, you must give it a try.

Since this place been on the famous TV show A Bite of China it has quickly became so popular. A very small restaurant, but sometimes you might have to queue. The price for the noodles are from 10RMB to 20RMB, we recommend you to try Red Oil Noodle 红油小面 (8RMB), Noodle 麻辣小面 (10RMB), Beef Noodle 牛肉面(18RMB), Noodle with Extra Beef 麻辣面加牛肉(18RMB), Red Oil Wonton 红油抄手 (16RMB), Ghost Town Chicken Nuggets 鬼城麻辣鸡块 (15RMB).

There are two more branches, they are: 879 Moganshan Road 莫干山路879号, 18757598597; 290 Lianhua Street 莲花街290号, 15990161727

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