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Zechuan Sushi/泽川寿司
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There is a secret little sushi place a block away from the Wyndham Grand on Fengqi Road. If you didn’t know it was there, you would walk right by. It’s as if they want to keep it a secret. The few people who know about it, swear by it. But the problem is, just knowing about it is not even enough. You have to know how to order as well.

First off, they do not take walk-ins. We did not know this, and arrived at 11:30am. to beat the lunch crowd, eager to try this fabled sushi. Since we had not placed our order in advance, the earliest we could be served was 1pm. Ok, lesson learned, call in advance. Lesson Two: When ordering – and you must order in advance - you must order in Chinese, since no one there speaks English, and if you’ve never been before, how would you know what to order? The MORE crew’s here to unlock that mystery for you.

Their 5-pc rolls are priced from 15-25RMB, really a great value. Here are our favorites. When you call, you will need to tell them what you want, how many people you in your party, and when you want to eat. They will tell you when you can come.

黄金海岸 - huáng jīn hǎi àn - salmon, avocado, mango, roe - 25RMB

教授卷 - jiào shòu juǎn - tempura flakes, shrimp, other awesome stuff, roe - 20RMB (This was our favorite.)

法式焗虾 - fà shì jú xiā - saucy flame-thrower-baked tuna fish roll - 20RMB

心有所属 - xīn yǒu suǒ shǔ - salmon, tempura shrimp - 15RMB

鲜虾加州卷 - xiān xiā jiā zhōu juǎn - crab, cucumber, avocado - 18RMB

They have sashimi as well, but you can probably tell them when you arrive. Once you are there eating, if you see something else you like on the menu, hop on it. We enjoyed everything we tried.

Roadside parking is minimal, and they do not have Wi-Fi, and they only have enough seating for about 15 people. This place is no-frills. People just come for the food. It is really, really good.

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488 Fengqi Road

159 9003 3024

Opening Hours:
11:30am – 10:30pm (Tuesdays off)
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