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Zhejiang Chinese Medical University/浙江中医药大学
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Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU), a medical institute of higher learning in Zhejiang province, provides programs in fields of medicine, science, engineering, management and literature (arts) with Chinese medicine being its main focus. The history of the University dates back to the year of 1953 when it was first founded as Zhejiang Vocational School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, on the basis of which it was later developed into Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1959. It has been authorized to confer master’s degrees since 1978 and doctoral degrees since 1998. Since 1987, it was authorized to recruit students from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. The year 2003 saw the establishment of Postdoctoral Research Station and in February 2006, with the approval of Ministry of Education, the school was renamed as Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU). ZCMU is situated to the south of Qiantang River in Hangzhou (capital city of Zhejiang province), a city renowned for its history and culture. The beautiful scenery and the reasonable layout of a well-equipped campus make it an ideal place for study and research. There are over 5,751 full-time students enrolled at ZCMU. The school offers 21 undergraduate programs and has 2 Postdoctoral Research Station. It confers master’s degree in 23 disciplines and doctoral degree in 5 disciplines. In terms of related hospitals, ZCMU has 3 directly-affiliated and 7 non-directly-affiliated hospitals. It embraces a number of distinguished professors, renowned TCM doctors, well-known experts and leading researchers in their respective branches of learning. Inspired by the spirit of seeking the origin at high aspiration, the university has achieved leaping development in recent years as a result of 5 decades’ arduous efforts by several generations. And now, ZCMU is aimed at developing itself into a high level educational institution characterized by an organic combination of both teaching and researches, thus making its contribution to the modernization of Chinese medicine as well as to the national goal of building up China as a powerful innovation-oriented country.

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