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Zhejiang Gongshang University/浙江工商大学
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Established in 1911 named as Hangzhou Business School, it was one of the earliest modern post-secondary educational institutions in China; in 1980, it was upgraded into a higher education institution, Hangzhou Institute of Commerce, with bachelor's degree programs; in 1990, it began to offer master's degrees; and since 2003, it has become one of a few universities with Ph.D. programs in Zhejiang Province. At present, ZJSU has developed into a comprehensive university, offering 87 full-time graduate and undergraduate degree programs to over 25,000 students.

ZJSU has a good reputation in teaching and research, especially in business, administration, law and other humanities and social sciences. With China's rapid modernization and globalization, ZJSU has aimed to be globalized as one of the major tasks. As ZJSU is entering its second century, our goal is to become a truly global university-educating professionals and advancing the frontiers of knowledge not simply for Zhejiang, for China, but for the entire world. We are working together for a determined mission: To speed up development and prosper through innovation. As one of the top universities in Zhejiang, ZJSU is working hard for a nation's leading university in the near future, especially in social sciences.

ZJSU attaches great importance to international cooperation in the areas of teaching and research. It has had student exchange, joint research and a variety of cooperative programs with over fifty universities of more than ten countries, such as the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea. Over four hundred international students are studying Chinese Language, Chinese culture, degree programs and other academic subjects on our campuses.

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18 Xuezheng Street, Gaojiao District, Xiasha

0571 2887 7777

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