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Zhejiang Museum of Natural History/浙江自然博物馆
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Busses: 76, 156, 32, 24, 502, to North Zhongshan Rd.中山北路口

Have you ever wondered when the West Lake Cultural Plaza would be open? Well wonder no more. Last month the first part of the plaza opened, and in it there's the much anticipated Zhejiang Museum of Natural History. Now the only thing we can complain about with this museum is that its layout is mind-boggling labyrinthine. If one were to liken navigating through the Zhejiang Art Museum to pie, as in, as easy as pie, then finding your way through this place is as easy as pie as well, except this pie belongs to Jareth, the Goblin King, and it resides within his ever changing kingdom of logic puzzles and tests of mettle. The place is a maze, and in this maze David Bowie's not running around trying to win my affections, so I don't see the point, but having said that, their permanent exhibit is amazingly impressive with dinosaur bones and more dinosaur bones. So many dinosaur bones were there that we thought that they must have been fake, but we were reassured by the guard that they were indeed real, and as one of the descriptions read, at least one set of bones are, the most well preserved bones in the world. And we believe it! Of course, you've also got your fair share of stuffed animals the museum kind, not the store bought kind you still unhealthy clutch onto. They've also a wide array of fossils from throughout China. Most of the signs describing the pieces on exhibit are in Chinese, but a fair share are also in English. Plan to spend at least one hour getting through all of the many exhibits. More if you can read. This place is definitely worth an afternoon. Parking is available. Admission is free. Closed on Mondays. 

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District B, West Lake Cultural Plaza, North Huancheng Road and North Zhongshan Road

0571 8805 0941

Opening Hours:
9am - 4pm (Mondays Off)

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