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Zhejiang Provincial Museum Wulin Branch/浙江省博物馆武林分馆
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Ticket: free <br /> Busses: 76, 156, 32, 24, 502, to North Zhongshan Rd.中山北路口

When opportunity knocks, you can open the door or you can continue to sit on the couch, playing Xbox LIVE on the cracked console you picked up at some shady shop on Wensan Road (Or wherever, we're speculating). Yes, GTA is fantastic, but you should get out and soak up some culture too. So when you have the chance to see the rare and famous national treasures on display at the Wulin Branch of the Zhejiang Provincial Museum, we say you take it. The crew at MORE decided to do just that and headed off to the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Museum (Bottom Level) to take in some culture and see the sights on display. We're glad we did too, because, until now, many of the artifacts on display have only been seen in textbooks or on TV shows. This exhibition was supposed to take place years ago, but the only venue at the time was the Zhejiang Provincial Museum on Gushan Road, but it didn't have the facilities needed to properly house the fragile relics. This exhibition will be on display from December 22nd to March 20th, 2010, and once you're inside the modern, polished interior of the tower where the exhibition is held, you will see that there are some seriously sought-after pieces, each resting in its own halogen-lit enclosure. Be aware of the occasional security guard who will sternly wave off any attempts to get a decent photo. They discourage photography. Lovers of historical Chinese pieces will be thrilled to see a 3,000-year old Square Zun Carved with Four Sheep Heads, and the much-celebrated, Jade Suit Sewn with Gold Thread as well. There are 80 treasures on display at the exhibition, with their time line stretching from prehistory through the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. These pieces have been chosen from nearly 600,000 pieces of the National Collection, and can certainly be described as the best of the best. As part of a national tour, these pieces will be transported to Ningbo when their time is up here. You won't see this kind of stuff playing HALO 3 for the umpteenth time (although that is a great game), so peel yourself off the couch, get outside, and soak up some history. 

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District E, West Lake Cultural Plaza, North Huancheng Road and North Zhongshan Road

0571 8827 2913

Opening Hours:
9am - 4:30pm, Mondays Off

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