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Zhejiang University of Media and Communications/浙江传媒学院
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Zhejiang University of Media and Communications is a highly professional institution of higher education in China in the area of media and communications. The university was born 23 years ago as the impact of the information age grew stronger than ever in this ancient country. The majority of our graduates would work for media organizations such as radio and TV, newspapers and magazines, advertising companies and film producers, etc. In recent years, strategic steps have been taken to open up international channels for academic activities such as teaching, researches, cross-continental conferences and jointly conducted programs. We have established firm and constructive relations with a number of overseas universities in the area of student degree programs, teacher training and degree programs and joint research projects. Zhejiang University of Media and Communication (ZUMC) shall make constant endeavor to provide the best learning and teaching environment for both domestic and international students and scholars.

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