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Manao Temple/玛瑙寺

40 Beishan Road (the lane next to West Lake Expo Museum) 北山路40号(西博会博物馆右边的小巷内)

8am - 5pm

Yellow Dragon Cave/黄龙洞

Shuguang Road and Huanglong Road 曙光路和黄龙路

8am - 5pm

Mei Jia Wu Tea Village/梅家坞

South Meiling Road 梅灵南路

7am - 1am

Hangzhou Tianmushan Hospital/杭州天目山医院

319 Tianmushan Road (junction of Gudun Road) 天目山路319号 (古墩路口)
0571 8512 9999
24 hours

Su Dongpo Memorial Hall/苏东坡纪念馆

1 Nanshan Road 南山路1号
0571 8796 3684
8:30am - 5pm

Situ Leideng Villa/司徒雷登故居

Yesutang Lane, Tianshui Bridge 天水桥耶稣堂弄

8:30am - 5pm

Pan Tianshou Memorial Hall/潘天寿纪念馆

95 Nanshan Road 南山路95号

9am - 4:30pm, 9am - 11am (Fri.), Mondays off

Qingdao Taekwondo/青道跆拳道馆

12/F, Zheyi Tower, 558 Central Zhongshan Rd. 中山中路558号浙艺大厦12楼(娃哈哈对面)
0571 8721 4916
Mon.-Fri. 7:15pm - 8:45pm. Sat.- Sun. 6:30pm - 8pm

Zhong’an Swimming Pool/众安温泉游泳馆

6 Desheng Road 德胜路6号
0571 8535 5228

Sui Villa/穗庐

95 Beishan Road 北山路95号

8am - 5pm

Dragon Stadium/黄龙体育中心

Shuguang Rd./Huanglong Rd. 曙光路/黄龙路
0571 8763 0509

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