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  • ZEN Spa/珍斯帕

    428-6, Tianhong Junyi, 388 Dongxin Ave., Binjiang (Opposite of Angelo's) 滨江东信大道388号天鸿君邑428-6商铺
    0571 8693 6210
  • Main image of venue: ZEN Spa/珍斯帕
  • 10am - 10pm
  • Ananda Yoga /阿南达瑜伽馆

    3/F, Block C, 58 Ershengmiao Qian, 186 North Zhongshan Road 中山北路186号二圣庙前58号C座3楼
  • Main image of venue: Ananda Yoga /阿南达瑜伽馆
  • 6:45am - 9:30pm

Blue Bone Fight Club, Dragon Stadium Branch /蓝色骨头格斗健身俱乐部, 黄龙店

Dragon Stadium, 1 Huanglong Road (Turn right after enter the lobby of Home Inn) 黄龙路1号黄龙体育馆内 (如家连锁酒店大堂右转)
199 5713 6885
10am - 10pm (Mondays - Saturdays)

Hardcore Man Boxing/硬核侠拳击健身馆

Room 301-2, 3/F, Building 4, Gemini Mansion, 1785 Jianghan Road, Binjiang 江汉路1785号网新双城大厦4幢301-2室
182 5829 9890

Tang Guo He Sports Park/糖果和体育公园

10 Changcheng Street 长城街10号

United Family Hangzhou Clinic/和睦家(杭州门诊部)

L2-S288, Mixc Mall, 701 Fuchun Road (Block B-L2, Huarun Mansion) 富春路701号杭州万象城第L2层第S288商铺(华润大厦B座裙楼2楼)
0571 8970 5148
8:30am -5:30pm, Mondays – Saturdays (Closed on Sundays)

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