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  • Carbon Italian (Ex-Mercato)/

    Booth 123, 1/F, Block D, Hangzhou Mansion (next to Starbucks) 杭州大厦D座1楼123商铺 (星巴克隔壁)
    0571 8190 5656
  • Main image of venue: Carbon Italian (Ex-Mercato)/
  • 11am - 11pm


1/F, North Side of Block C, Hangzhou Tower 杭州大厦购物城C座1楼外围北面
133 9650 6932

Quanle • Seafood (West Lake Branch)/全乐•海鲜姿造 (西湖店)

69 Longjing Road 龙井路69号
0571 8677 7923

Commune (Grand Canal Place Branch)/

B101, B102, 1/F, Zone B, Grand Canal Place, 58 Lishui Road 丽水路58号远洋乐堤港B区1层B101, B102
0571 8111 1617

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1/F, International Talent Park, Hangzhou Future Technology City, 601 Jingchang Road (50m on Northwest side of West Wenyi Road and Jingchang Road)

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Room 108, 1/F, Yuquan Mansion, 135 Tianmushan Road

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