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Hangzhou International School

Vinyl Player /黑胶唱机

3/F, Ego Computer Market, 29 Huanggushan Road 黄姑山路29号颐高旗舰广场3楼

Ze Xian Hua Audio & Records /择仙花音像店

Shihuqiao Road 狮虎桥路/凤起桥河下

Tianchang Records /天唱唱片行

81 Wulin Road 武林路81号

Minyin Records /弥音唱片

277 West Wen’er Road 文二西路277号

Meijing Audio/美景音像

92-1 North Huangcheng Road 环城北路92-1号

Zhuyun Instrument Shop/主韵琴行

17 Tongpu Road 通普路17号
0571 8808 2259

Zhujiang Sanmao Instrument Shop /珠江三毛琴行

456 Wen’er Road 文二路456号
0571 8885 8259

Red Stone Instrument Shop /红石琴行

215 Chaowang Road 潮王路215号
0571 8537 8583

Xingzhou Instrument Shop /星洲琴行

17 Xingzhou Street, Gudun Road 古墩路星洲街17号
0571 8891 5509

Vienna Instrument Shop /维也纳琴行

70 West Wen’er Road 文二西路70号
0571 8826 9203

Tongyuan Instrument Shop /通远琴行

402 Wen’er Road 文二路402号
0571 8891 3977

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Saigon Mama

317, 3/F, IN77, Hubin Intime, 258 Yan'an Road

I was taken to a relatively hidden gem this week, in a place I wouldn’t otherwise go... Read More..


L1-35 & 36, 1/F, Area D, IN77 Hubin (next to Victoria’s Secret)
湖滨银泰IN77D区1楼L1-35 & 36

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