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Doggy House/多其狗狗时尚生活馆

West Town Bird and Flower Market, 89 Gucui Rd 古翠路89号城西花鸟文体市场
1570 28938335
9am - 5pm

iCute Pet /杭州爱可宠物乐园

Meigui Rd. High-tech Agricultural Zone, Renhe County 城北仁和镇高新农业开发区玫瑰路
137 0681 6611

Pet’s Eden Vet/派伊登宠物医院

57 Sanhe Avenue, Phase 3, Qinqin Complex, Sandun 三墩镇亲亲家园三期三和大街57号
0571 8195 6789
8:30am - 9:30pm (24 hours emergency)

Angel Animal Hospital/天使动物医院

59 Gaoji Rd. (Gaoji Rd. and Yile Rd.) 高技路59号 (高技路和益乐路交界)
0571 8891 4632
8:30am – 9pm

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Saigon Mama

317, 3/F, IN77, Hubin Intime, 258 Yan'an Road

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L1-35 & 36, 1/F, Area D, IN77 Hubin (next to Victoria’s Secret)
湖滨银泰IN77D区1楼L1-35 & 36

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